Campaign Management

We don't believe in templates or cookie-cutters. Every winning campaign is about identifying the unique and critical path to success.

Case Study

SCRB ran "Level the Playing Field 2010," an independent expenditure campaign that helped elect California Governor Jerry Brown. By creatively leveraging paid, free and online media, the IE generated extensive statewide and national media coverage, aired award-winning television and radio ads, including "Megatar", which won Pollie Gold for best TV ad in an IE, built a 12,000-member Facebook following, opened a focus group to the news media and established the first "crowd-sourced opposition research file."

No group has done more with less than Level the Playing Field 2010… the group has served as Brown's default band of merry pranksters, turning limited radio and television ad buys into front-page stories in the San Francisco Chronicle, New York Times and elsewhere.

Capitol Weekly, April 1, 2010

Pollie Award for Megatar