Case Study

Kamala D. Harris for US Senate

Kamala Harris

Fearless for the People

SCRB Strategies served as general and media consultant for Kamala D. Harris' winning campaigns for California Attorney General and United States Senate. Four years after winning one of the closest statewide elections in history, in her reelection race for Attorney General, Harris defeated her opponent by 14 points. In her 2016 Senate victory, Harris won 62 percent of the vote, the largest margin by a non-incumbent in state history.

In an environment defined by economic angst, Harris' media campaign focused on her track record taking on powerful interests – big banks, polluters, predatory for-profit colleges – on behalf of the people of California. Supporting these messages was an all-star lineup of messengers from Senator Elizabeth Warren to Governor Jerry Brown to President Barack Obama. Harris' general election campaign was recognized for creative use of social media, including the release of "Ka-Moji," a bit-moji cartoon promoting her plan on college affordability.

Do we retreat, or do we fight? I say we fight.

Kamala Harris, declaring victory in Los Angeles, November 8, 2016